featured artist nicholas batounis

Featured artist spotlight: Nicholas Batounis

Featured artist spotlight: Nicholas Batounis

Opening Reception: Nicholas Batounis | Friday June 22 | 6 to 9 pm | Taylor Lee Jazz Trio | Award-winning Yadkin Valley Wines

Batounis’ interest in both the figure and the Fertility Goddess concept has merged into his work in polychromed images and significant stone work.

Nicholas Batounis was exposed to artworks of the classical world at an early age, and has always been interested in the visual arts. Batounis got his B.A. at UNC-W, where he was introduced to the Venus of Willendorf, which he credits with having a significant impact on his later works. He later received has MFA at UNC-Greensboro.

During ceramics class as an undergrad at UNC-W, his instructor, Byron Corcoron, suggested that Batounis create a kiln god to protect the firing. These early small images evolved into the clay figures featured in this exhibit. Batounis’ work currently centers on the process of carving, revisiting polychromed figures, and and work in clay.

For more information, visit the website of Nicholas Batounis.