Minis I, Myxolidian Giclee Print by James Davis


Myxolydian (mixed media) giclee print

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Myxolidian giclee print, gallery wrap, 20″ x 6″

About James Davis:

James Davis
Asheville, North Carolina

James Davis has established a reputation as one of North Carolina’s most unique and recognized artists. Davis mixes art media such as oil, charcoal and watercolor to achieve a textured, layered surface that adds an abstract quality to his impressionistic subjects. He has attracted a strong, growing interest from artists, art critics and the art-buying public. Regional art critic and jazz/blues performer, Arthur Shuey, has labeled James Davis’ approach as “Myxolydian” after the primary jazz scale designed to intentionally darken and lighten selected elements of a piece through alteration of the sound. In the case of James Davis’ painting technique, “Myxolydian” refers to the mixing of art elements through the visual spectrum. James Davis is generating a new movement in art around the world. His art is held in private collections throughout the United States and Europe.

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