Aben Wo Ha Hair Cut, House Paint on Board


Authentic African folk art barbershop sign

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Aben Wo Ha Hair Cut sign is an authentic barbershop sign from Africa. A popular form of advertising art, measures approximately 48″ x 20″

African signage, from barbershops, groceries, and other place of commerce, is a charming, practical form of folk art. Popular signage originates in West Africa; signs in English are usually from Ghana, and in French are from the Cote d’Ivoire.

Images in handpainted commerce signs portray every day life, fashion, style, and personal services. The signs are hung outside the establishment during business hours. Signs are changed as fashions, styles, and seasonal trends are updated.

Reference: Chez Bonne Idee, images du petit commerce on Afrique de l’Ouest, textes de Jean-Marie Gibbal et Denys Riout.

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